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About Leathers

After more than 20 years of non-stop skiing, going from being a competitive skier to an industry professional, Leathers founder Marshall McGonegal always had one main problem, his gloves. Fabric gloves and mittens could never stay dry, and they would never have the durability to last a full season. Leather gloves and mitts would last longer and be much more water proof.  However, their costs were anything but friendly to skiers and snowboarders. They also lacked basic features that he felt all gloves and mittens should have, especially if someone is paying a premium price for them. He decided it was time to put gloves and mittens back in the hands of skiers and snowboarders and then set out to create premium leather gloves and mittens that offers all of the features that people should expect, while keeping the cost the same or even less than fabric gloves on the market.  

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